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Fall in Love With Coffee All Over Again…

Creative Cup

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Locally Roasted

Espresso Beans

Creative Cup is your North End Halifax café of choice for a well-deserved pick-me-up. Grab your favourite brew or an ice-cold beverage, whatever is on your mind, let us satisfy your craving!
We already know you’re amazing, but we strongly believe that our coffee will compliment your brilliance! After all, great ideas start with great coffee!

Hot Drinks

Coffee Addicts

All specialty coffees are prepared with double shot espresso. Non-Dairy (oat and almond milk) options are available

Brewed Coffee

Dark or Light Roast

$2.50 (12oz) | $3.00 (16oz) | $3.50 (20oz)

Café Latte

$4.25 (12oz) | $4.75 (16oz)


Single $2.50 | Double $3.25

Flat White

$4.25 (12oz) | $4.75 (16oz)

Espresso Macchiato



$5.00 (12oz) | $5.75 (16oz)


$3.00 (12oz) | $3.25 (16oz)

Caramel Macciato

$4.75 (12oz) | $5.25 (16oz)

Red Eye

$3.75 (12oz) | $4.25 (16oz) | $4.75 (20oz)

Flavored Latte

Vanilla or Hazelnut

$4.75 (12oz) | $5.25 (16oz)


Wet or Dry

$3.75 (12oz) | $4.75 (16oz)

Chocolate Lovers


Traditional, White, Oreo, Mars Bar or Ferro Rocher

$4.75 (12oz) | $5.50 (16oz)

Hot Chocolate

Traditional, White, Oreo, Mars Bar or Ferro Rocher

$3.75 (12oz)| $4.25 (16oz)

Tea Connoisseurs

Specialty Tea Latte

Spiced Caramel Apple, Sunny Orange Ginger, Mint Fog

$4.00 (12oz) | $4.75 (16oz)


Earl Grey, Orange Peeko, Green, Peppermint, Orange Ginger, or Spice

$3.00 all sizes (extra bag 0.99 cents)

London Fog

$4.75 (12oz) | $5.25 (16oz)

Chai Tea Latte

$4.75 (12oz) | $5.25 (16oz)

Iced Drinks

Cold Coffee & Beverages

Iced Latte

Traditional | Vanilla | Caramel Macchiato | Mocha | Hazelnut

$5.25 (20oz)


Vanilla | Caramel | Cookies & Cream | Strawberries & Cream | Raspberry White Chocolate | Ferrero Rocher |Mars Bar | Mint Chip | Bubble Gum | Chocolate White or Dark

$5.99 (20oz)

Iced Americano

$4.25 (20oz)

Raspberry Lemonade

$4.50 (20oz)

Iced Peach Green Tea

$4.50 (20oz)

Passion Fruit Iced Tea

$4.50 (20oz)

Smoothies & Protein Shakes

Our protein shakes and smoothies are the perfect way to start your day. They’re packed with nutrients and delicious flavours that will help you stay energized throughout the day.

Green Monster

Spinach, Mango, Vanilla Frozen Yogurt, Orange Juice, Green tea & Honey


Berry Blast

Raspberries, Blueberries, Strawberries, Orange Juice, Vanilla Frozen Yogurt, Milk & Honey


Tropical Paradise

Mango, Pineapple, Dragon Fruit, Passion Fruit, Banana, Vanilla frozen Yogurt, Orange Juice, Milk, Honey



2 shots of Espresso, Vanilla Frozen Yogurt, Banana, Peanut Butter, Milk



Protein Powder

$4.00 (1 Scoop) | $2.00 (Half Scoop)

Almond Butter


Peanut Butter


Chia Seed or Flax




Sub Oat or Almond Milk


Fall in Love With Coffee All Over Again

Sandwiches, soups, desserts and more!

Our menu has something for all our coffee lovers out there, including specialty coffees, teas, iced & blended drinks. Satisfy your hunger with one of our decadent desserts, yummy breakfast options or grilled sandwiches, soups or salads for lunch.

Our cafe has you covered whether you need a little pick me up with our double shot specialty coffees or just looking to treat yourself to something yummy.

Grilled Paninis Sandwiches

*All our sandwiches can be made with Gluten-Free bread

Montreal Smoked Meat

Montreal smoked meat, Swiss cheese, mustard mayo sauce, pickle

Roast Beef

Roast beef, mozzarella cheese, horseradish mayo sauce, dill pickle, red onion 

Philly Steak

Thin-sliced grilled beef, mozzarella cheese, garlic aioli, green pepper, red onion

Ham n' Swiss

Ham, Swiss cheese, mustard mayo sauce, dill pickle 

Smoked Salmon

Cold smoked salmon, house-made cream cheese, cucumber, red onions, avocado and loaded with fresh dill, capers and lemon zest. Housed on marble rye bread

Turkey Pesto Mayo

Turkey, cheddar cheese, pesto mayo sauce, tomato, red onion 

Turkey Cranberry Mayo

Turkey, Swiss cheese, cranberry mayo, red onion, green pepper 

Grilled Cheese

Mozzarella & cheddar cheese

Tuna Melt

Juicy chunks of white tuna, cheddar cheese, pickles, red onion, mayo, salt & pepper

The OVR Veggie Delight

Roasted red pepper hummus, pickled onions, romaine lettuce, shredded carrot, cucumber, tomato and balsamic reduction

Daily Soups

Soup of the day

What’s more comforting than a bowl of soup on a chilly day?

Soup of the day with a sandwich
Seafood Chowder (Fridays only)

Loaded w/shrimp, scallops, haddock and served with a roll


Breakfast Sandwiches

Traditional Breakfast Panini

2 eggs, grilled ham, cheddar, mayo

Pesto & Egg Panini

2 eggs, cheddar cheese, tomato, pesto mayo 

Spicy Steak & Egg Panini

Thin sliced grilled beef, two eggs, mozarella cheese, sriracha mayo, green peppers and red onions

The Eye Opener

Cold smoked salmon, house-made cream cheese with fresh dill, capers, lemon zest, paoched egg, green onions on a toasted bagels of your choice (everyhing  or jalapeno cheddar)


Toasted w/ house-made cream cheese spread

Bacon, chive, cheddar & Monterey Jack
Red Pepper, chive, cheddar & Monterey Jack


Don’t settle for anything less than the best for that special occasion! We’ve been creating edible masterpieces for years and specialize in customized cakes designed to your specifications.

Our delicious selection of cakes, wedding cakes and birthday cakes are too good to be real; trust us when we say you’ll keep coming back time after time just trying them all.

And what’s more? Each one tastes even better than it looks!

Call to order or for more details at (902) 455-4456. One week’s notice needed

Sweets Treats

Sweet Treats

We make a variety of treats that are made in-house on a daily basis. Ask us for more information

Cinnamon buns
Almond Joy Power Balls
J Squares


Assorted always changing treats made in-house

Ham & Cheese Croissant
Mediterranean Croissant


Nestled in the heart of North End Halifax our quaint space is known for delicious specialty coffees prepared using premium locally sourced espresso beans from North Mountain Roasters. Let’s just say your palette will be delighted with every sip.
Bring your gal pals, a favourite breakfast or lunch date, or just come as your fab self, kick back and relax while you enjoy breakfast, lunch or our weekend brunch menu in our casual inviting dining area.

Creative Cup

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